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Forsan® Industrial

Forsan® Industrial Technology

FORSAN® Industrial is innovative breakthrough technology that provides energy and resource saving for machinery and mechanisms in industrial and transportation applications.
FORSAN® restores surface micro defects of friction pairs and creates superfine nanoceramics layer on metal. Term “nanoceramics” refers to complex metal-ceramic composition that contains specific nanostructures. Nanoceramics unique features include extremely low friction, low surface roughness, outstanding antiwear properties, increased wettability and long-term stability.
FORSAN® treatment results in enhancement of the lifetime of friction pairs, reduction of fuel/energy consumption, increase of aggregate capacity, decrease of noise and vibration and stabilization of oil/grease features.
FORSAN® in NOT an additive. In most applications oil or grease (“base”) is used as delivery substance for machine surfaces. FORSAN® composition is neutral to physicochemical properties of used base. After short period of time FORSAN® particles leave oil/grease system to form nanoceramics layer.
FORSAN® has long-term effect. Nanoceramics layer does not destroy after initial oil/grease is replaced during regular maintenance procedures. E.g. typical warranty period for nanoceramics layer in internal-combustion engine is 12 months (6000…8000 motor hours).
FORSAN® Technology covers both nanoceramics composition (products) and implementation know-how (service).

Forsan® Industrial implementation provides:
 Cut electricity consumption (10-25%)

 Cut gas and oil consumption (5-25%) Increase machines and parts lifetime (20-100%)

 Decrease repair and maintenance expenses (20-70%)

 Recover worn out parts and mechanisms (in some cases to normal)

 Improve ecological characteristics